WebRTC Demo (Screen Sharing)

A demo of what you can do with WebRTC. Screen sharing, chat, image sharing

Tech: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Vue, WebRTC/PeerJS

Demo Video

This was an excellent learning experience, due to the complexity of the application and how many components needed to come together. If you have any questions about anything in particular about this application I would gladly go more in depth, for now I'll just explain some of he basic things I learned. (Also please note still under development)

What I learned

  • Using the Peer JS WebRTC wrapper
  • Creating a peer2peer mesh network
  • Using vue-persist to save certain vuex states to local storage
  • Connecting to the tenor Gif API
  • Image compression
  • A lot of complex state management and making sure components are able to share relevant information
  • Creating a custom range slider

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WebRTC Demo (Screen Sharing)

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